Looking to improve your financial health position? You've come to the right people for help.

With over 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry, we are dedicated to providing the appropriate solutions and strategies for business owners and individuals wanting to improve or maintain their lifestyles , accumulate wealth and know they have a back up plan in place financially.

Our  focus  is on assisting you protect your lifestyles and to grow wealth. We do this by identifying ever changing financial goals and objectives, and then offer tailored, strategic solutions , as individual as you are , using a Game of Money analogy , coaching you to Win the Game of Money. 

Its costs you nothing to find out how we can help you . Allow us a meeting or 2  to get to know you , your needs , your goals and dreams , while you get to know us too.

We are a Fee for Service only practice - meaning no fees until discussed and agreed with you ,and then only when services and specific advice, for you, is provided.

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Who Pays the Bills when You Cant't

By: Janet Culpitt | Arrow Focus on Wealth | Wednesday, 29 July, 2015 JANET CULPITT looks at why as a parent and business woman we need to consider and plan for how we could cope financially should the worst happen. It's no surprise to hear that raising a family can be expensive, however, it may be news to you to hear that ...

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Have you set Financial Goals - Will the Wealth Paradox Claim You?

Simply explained, the Wealth Paradox proves, around 80% of Australians get to age of 65 with less than $100,000 in assets outside their family home. Only 10% of people get to age 65 with more than $500,000.
If you were to retire tomorrow, how much would you need to provide you the lifestyle you want after       &nb...

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What Does Perfect Mean to You?

Published October 6, 2014 |  Author Janet Culpitt
What happens when you build your financial plans on the shifting sands instead of a solid foundation? Are you ready to make smart decisions about money? Do you care about your family? Do you care about the future? Are you motivated to take some action? Do you want ...

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There is Good and Bad in Everything!

 Published April 27, 2015 |  Author Janet Culpitt
Take control of your debt management before it takes control of you. I intend to make 2015 a great year for me. I have set goals that will mean stretching out of my comfort zone. Debt management is one of those goals. I plan to clear a debt created years ago, it was a ne...

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