What it means for pensioners

  Federal Government's second support package announced March 22, flicked the switch to more income support for retirees. Retirees affected by falling superannuation balances and deeming rates out of line with historically low interest rates have been offered some reprieve. In addition to the cut in pension deeming rates ...

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What it means for self-funded retirees

  Federal Government's second support package announced on March 22 offered assistance for self-funded retirees. Minimum drawdown rates for account-based pensions and similar products will be halved for the 2020 and 2021 financial years. This means retirees will be under less pressure to sell shares or other pension assets in...

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The JobKeeper program - Help for businesses

  The Australian Government has announced unprecedented assistance to help businesses of all sizes manage their cashflow and retain their employees. The six-month JobKeeper Payment of $1,500 a fortnight per employee is made through the tax system and is available to small, medium and large businesses, and not-for-profits. Legally...

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JobKeeper payment: What it is, how much and who is eligible?

  The Australian Government's JobKeeper program is designed to help an estimated six million workers to retain their jobs through the crisis. Eligible employees will earn $1500 per fortnight. If you earn less than $1500 you will be 'topped up' to $1500 per fortnight. In order to be eligible you must be aged at lea...

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Keeping the economy moving

  RBA using low interest rates & easy money
The Morrison Government's mind-bogglingly large support packages to get Australians through the COVID-19 shutdown have dominated headlines, and rightly so. Only months ago, the Australian economy was in relatively good shape and headed for a Budget surplus. Behind the sce...

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