What Does Perfect Mean to You?

Written on the 27 July 2015 by Janet Culpitt

Published October 6, 2014 |  Author Janet Culpitt

What happens when you build your financial plans on the shifting sands instead of a solid foundation?

Are you ready to make smart decisions about money?

Do you care about your family?

Do you care about the future?

Are you motivated to take some action?

Do you want some direction?

Most people want to "get ahead" financially and it can be passion and determination that drives you to reach your level of success, your goal for financial security, or it can simply be necessity.

If you plan to earn an income, you usually have plans for that income to be used on something such as paying bills and providing for yourself and your family.

Hopefully your plan would include having a little income left over so you could plan to have something to show for it. Whether that is nice clothes, a holiday, a reliable car, furniture, a deposit for a home, start-up monies for a business or having a lifestyle you have earnt over many years of hard work, the choice is yours.

Would you build a house on a sloping block without checking that the foundations were strong enough to support it?

Would you start a business without ensuring there was a foundation of knowledge and expertise, and a market for the product or service, to build it from and make a profit?

Quite often though, having a strong foundation to start with, from which to build financial success, is not being taken into account. There is no direction, no plan and no strategy in place to achieve anything.

Foundations are relevant in day-to-day financial success and using the Acronym P.E.R.F.E.C.T. makes it easy to remember to put the foundations in place as well as to ensure those foundations are strong.

Protect your family (including yourself)

Estate Plan in order (have a current Will so you don't leave someone else financially disadvantaged)

Really Smart Super (this is your income and part of your future)

Foundation Support Service and Team (having a team of experts in their respective fields that complement your needs)

Effective Debt Management (Good Debt versus Bad Debt)

Cash Flow under Control (don't spend more than you earn)

Tax under Control

These PERFECT foundations should be checked regularly to ensure there are no weaknesses appearing which could leave your situation vulnerable. One small crack can lead to one huge set back or even financial ruin.

How strong are your financial foundations? Should you contact our office for a review to check?

Author:Janet Culpitt

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